Sightseeing tours in Salvador

Sightseeing tours in Salvador


With an area of ​​567,295 km ² Bahia is a little bit larger than France. The capital is Salvador (historic: Salvador da Bahia de todos os Santos), who was also the capital of Brazil until 1763. Salvador celebrates the largest and most traditional street carnival in the world. Unlike in Rio, there is no Samba Arena, so that all activities are on the streets.

Fortaleza The historical name of the coast town is São Salvador da Bahia de Todos os Santos (Holy Saviour of the Bay of All Saints), since it is located on the Bay of All Saints. The name of the bay goes back to the days of the arrival of the first navigator. November 1, 1501 The name Bahia was until the mid 20th century commonly used as an alternative name of the city.

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