Sightseeing tours in Fortaleza

Sightseeing tours in Fortaleza

The capital of Ceará is a welcoming city that its thousands of visitors guaranteed fun and offers a wealth of attractions. There are many attractions, the hospitality of the people and trips to beautiful beaches. Have a look at our tips and we hope you have a lot of fun in Fortaleza.

Praia do Futuro
Fortaleza Located about 10 km from the center of the capital, Praia do Futuro is over 30 km long and is an oasis in the city. Are numerous choices of beach huts, with a structure of bars and restaurants to welcome visitors.

Praia do Mucuripe
Sung in verse and Prosen, the beach Mucuripe is a charming scenery on the edge of fortress that still preserves the tradition of its fishermen.

Cathedral of Fortaleza
Inspired by the French Cathedral of Notre Dame, Cathedral of Fortaleza was designed by French engineer George Mounier and built on the site of the old church of Se.

Central market

If you want to see native craft a visit to the Central Market is a good opportunity to delve headlong into Ceará culture. The building was inaugurated in 1809 and has undergone several renovations. There are more than 550 stores offering a huge range of products.

Iracema Beach
The place is a symbol of the capital of Ceará and was named for the Iracema Virgin of Honey Lips, Muse Ceará romance writer José de Alencar. is on Iracema Beach staying attractions like the English Bridge and the landfill.

Boat trip

Go on a little ship and take a ride along the beach of Fortaleza is an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the city from another angle. The boats depart daily from the beach Mucuripe of Fortaleza.

Dragão do Mar
The Sea Dragon is a cultural center with permanent exhibitions. Cafes, theater, exhibitions and planetarium are also part of the scenario. The name is a tribute to a boater Francisco José do Nascimento, engaged in the struggle for the liberation of slaves. He sits on the Sea Dragon Street, 81, on the beach of Iracema. Go there during the day to enjoy all the cultural options. In the evening, know the bars and restaurants that occupy restored barns surrounding the Dragon.

Craft Market Beira-Mar
Known for its wide range of typical products, the famous Handicraft Market Beira Mar is one of the attractions of Fortaleza. There are hundreds of stalls that focus on the boardwalk at the corner of Avenue Judge Moreira, in Meireles Beach. Works every day from 17h. Tourist attraction.

Beach Park
The Beach Park, is the largest water park in Latin America, is guaranteed fun for the whole family. The resort is about 15 minutes from the city center, on the beach of Porto das Dunas, and is one of the most sought after places by tourists. Besides the water park, and restaurants have tent on the beach.

Theatro José de Alencar
The Centennial Theatre is one of the greatest symbols of arquitetonics in Fortaleza and Theater is in the central region, across the square which also bears the name of Ceará writer. More gorgeous specimen of iron architecture in Brazil, José de Alencar Theatre offers guided tours every hour, from 8am. Admission is 2 and 4 Reais is a program for all ages and a different path for the building in 1910's Foyer, basement and gardens of Burle Marx. For more information, call: (85) 3101.2567 / 3101.2583.

Try the Crab
It's impossible to visit Fortaleza and not try the famous crab. You find the crayfish in bars, restaurants and all the stalls from Futuro Beach, along Avenida Diogo Zeze. There, every Thursday night tasting the crab is tradition. Apart sauce and crumbly, accompanying the crustacean, the dance and comedy shows take account of the tents.

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