Armored cars

Armored car service for hotels, businesses and VIPs Our cars consist of the current model range with the best armor technology (LEVEL III-A), certified by the Brazilian Army and are consistent with the NIJ 0108.01 STD from NIJ National Institude of Justice of the United States for safety.

MB E-KlasseThe armored windows are made of crystal glass plates type "float" and are laminated with PVB polycarbonate films (polyvinyl butyral) and PU (polyurethane). The thickness of the bulletproof glass panels correspond to stage III-A, 21mm. The configuration of the bullet-proof glass has been designed such that the polycarbonate sheet in the inner surface of the vehicle, to protect the passenger against fragmentation.

Ballistic jacket:
MB E-Klasse Anti Ballistic sheets of aramid fabric with rubber were added to the steel sheet of 0.6 mm. The resist is 3.8 Kg/m2 with a thickness of 3.2 mm and the car is fully lined.

MB E-Klasse It's ballistic stainless steel sheet of 3.0 mm thick, which protect the quality in most parts in the assembly of vehicles mantains.


  • New luxury vehicles, limousines and vans, all Armor Level III-A
  • Availability for daily, weekly and monthly rental with or without driver
  • We have bilingual driver (english, german, italian, spanish, french and german)
  • Included in the transfer are, driver and fuel
  • Services for airport transfers, our drivers are equipped with a personalized sign and will take you confortable, with safety and discreetly to your destination
  • On request, we also provide armed or not armed bodyguard

For more informations call: 0800 275 0275